What is this Map so Amazing !!

  • But the map would might need a tiny rework. Didn't they not release it because it was too large map'?

    Something like that I guess even though I think s4 needs bigger TD maps anyway with all the speed and sp buffs it got during the years.

    But it doesn't mater anymore anyway. Those maps are piece of history which deserves to be in the game.

  • And by the way, what is the size of the game nowadays? (just checked is 7,08 gigas fiu) i believe they can make it at least 10 gigas and nobody is going to bitching about it.

    The korean game client is ~2GB with the content that we had. Ours is around 5 at fresh install.

    I guess ours has a lot of unused stuff but the maps shouldn't be too big as files anyway.

  • Since no one really answered your question, it is a TD version of the Galleon map. In the existing Galleon map, you can actually see that initial room, even though it is bared off.

    Second map I believe it is called city square if I am not mistaken... there was some sort of problem with it, though I don't remember what it was off hand.

    I checked on S4 wiki, I was close, it is city square 2. It is a DM map.

    I am guessing the 3rd is steel cage 2.

    The 4th is City square.

    If you want to see others, here: *clicky*