There is a HUGE delay problem with the servers at the moment

  • Hello S4 League community,

    As you may know, server's been exteremely laggy for the last 2 days since the maintenace. The lag only happens to when you are in the lobby and try to open a capsule, delete an item, trying to connect to the server etc. I have done a few tests myself. Such as changing computers, using another internet provider and such. Here is my conclusion.

    • Currently most of the s4 league players are experiencing this problem.
    • It only happens if the server is crowded (English 1 Europe). Which means if you switch to an empty server like Russian server, the delay does not happen.

    Imo this delay is cancerous. Rapid action should be taken for the sake of the player base.

  • Hey.

    In the night we had a Portal Issue. That should be fix.

    For the Lags. We restared the server at 12:30. Hopefully that will help.

    If not please write it here. So i can sent the information to our IT Department.