S4 In-game bug reports

  • Hello,

    I have created this thread until a different section is being made for this matter, also so people can post and comment found bugs to be reported in the correct thread.

    The one bug I would like to highlight at the moment is the following:

    -Crash when leaving a room. This happens so often that it really should get hot fixed as soon as possible.

    -Is the cause of the issue found already?

    -Any found quickfixes out there to get around it, other then staying in the room?

    To be continued!

  • I get it sometimes but not as often.

    I really don't know what may be causing it but I usually get it at the end if I have changed gear before the start of a match.

    Maybe posting your gear here would be helpful if it is related to specific item.

  • It has nothing to do with character changing either, sadly...so it must be something server side, or when we try to go back in lobby, something triggers or miss-loads in the lobby. In my opinion this makes a wide range of possibilities that could cause this issue, making the dedicated team`s work muuuuuuuuch harder to spot and try debug this.

    But this theory can be trashed by the fact if you change room settings a random number amount of times, the game decides to crash on you as well, so its weird.

  • Since it doesn't happen as often to everyone, it has to be connetced to something. By my observations so far it gets triggered by editing gear in any way but I don't know what is the requirement to make it happen.

    Either way, they probably won't be able to fix it if they don't know what is the source of the problem.

  • Well for me it mostly happens when I'm longer in a room and leave it. When I'm joining and leaving nothing happens most of the time.

    I can only suggest to make yourself a room (maybe with friends) and stay in it. At least you can change roomsettings if you feel like playing a different map/mode.

  • Yea I stay in own room thats one solution but u know u will get dc soon if u leave if ur in a room longer than 30mins :S

    Hmm... now since you have mentioned it, today it really happened to me when I was leaving my own room.

    I will try it out tommorow just to make sure. I guess the issue that I was thinking of is probably already fixed then.

  • With my experience you will most likely DC from most of the rooms if you stay for at least 2-3 games, i would say around 95% of the times. sometimes even after one game. No such factors like items, character change, enchanting has any affect on it from my personal experience, staying in own room for like two hours and then changing the room settings sometimes triggers it too. So we really just need someone who actually knows something about the problem. >: