Fix the Twin Blades range

  • In another post I mentioned that there was a TB bug that gave it a lot of range. It happens because the hit box seems to move even when the character isn't moving. Resulting in the following GIFs in spoilers below. Note frame rate also effects the hit box. If you get a momentary freeze, (thanks to entry lag for instance), the hitbox will still move even when your player gets stuck during the freeze. Ever wonder why TB range seemed fishy sometimes? Here's your answer.

    Edit: This may also be the same thing that happens with Katana charge.

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  • I recorded those today with Gyazo GIF, but for some reason it saves them as MP4 files instead of GIF. So I had to use the Imgur Video to GIF, but it makes them look like that. D:

    I mean I am pretty sure you have posted these exact same in the old forum as well.

  • I recorded them in the same place, that's all. What should I do, wear a different costume? o-o

    Edit: I did record some TB range GIFs for the old forum too. But that was before the TB patch. The best proof I have that these are post TB patch is in the last pic where I'm using that Infinite TB combo. The hit box is the same sadly, as I thought this is what they got rid of when they made that patch.

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  • I can confirm that bug is still a thing. It doesn't seem that easy to take advantage of it though, so fixing it should probably not be a priority.

    Well that's kinda true. It's kind of hard to aim it because there's certain time you must turn around for the "Run and Gun" varient. Also for the others you must be at a wall or object that'll hinder your moment, or recive a frame rate drop (like entry lag). I have never seen players use this hitbox glitch thing intentionally, but I have seen it been accidentally used many times. Also who may become a trend. I forgot to mention it also works if you're bound by someone. As for the slow de-buff i'm not sure, I've yet to test it on that state, but it wouldn't surprise me if it still happens.

  • As for a fix, I think the easiest fix would probably just be to make it not force you to stop moving on collision with anything, (Like Awakened Sigma). You'd still be able to reach people in the same manner as the GIFs above, but your character would at least move with the hitbox so it'd look normal in that case. There'd still be the issue though of if you get bound or frame drops however.

  • I've always thought that it was kind of BS that your character loses all momentum because of frame lags. If I'd counted the number of times I got stopped mid-air only to end up falling out of the map because somebody just entered... It's not just the character, I've noticed that bombs and mines are affected as well.

    That said, to be honest if somebody manages to intentionally use this bug to kill me, I'll probably be more impressed than mad. It seems pretty situational.